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Leyla rennt" (LEYLA IS RUNNING)

Free Entrance !!!

Dear girls and young women, dear women in sports, dear teachers, dear parents!

LEYLA IS RUNNING means having fun moving your body and fun doing sports!

LEYLA IS RUNNING succeeds to motivate every year more and more girls and young women to try out new sports without any obligations or costs, to get to know new activities and to make new friends.

Please visit our gallery on the internet and take a look for yourself how much fun and adventure there is to find at LEYLA IS RUNNING! www.leyla-rennt.de (enter site and click "LEYLA GALLERY" for the photo-slide-shows)

We cordially invite all of you to come and join us in this year’s “Girls and Young Women Sports-Party LEYLA IS RUNNING”!!!

The idea behind LEYLA IS RUNNING ...

The Girls-Sports-Party LEYLA IS RUNNING was called to life, to show girls and young women the variety of sports and physical activities that are available also - or especially! - for them. It is designed to show them, how they can participate in all sport, also those considered “not typically female”- sports, like boxing and soccer.

At the site of the party, an outdoor sports field in the heart of Berlin’s city centre, the visitors of LEYLA IS RUNNING can watch demonstrations of sports-clubs and participate in 15 to 30 minute-long workshops, to find out if the sport suits them. This also gives them the opportunity to get in contact with the trainers, for a first personal connection and to ask for further information about training hours etc.
Furthermore, LEYLA IS RUNNING offers little performances by girls of Dance- and Activity-Groups, organized by neighbourhood schools and Youth-Clubs. Parallel to these workshops and performances, there is the “GIRL´S OLYMPICS” where the girls can test or prove their agility.

For the participation there are points to be gathered at every station of the “GIRL´S OLYMPICS” and through the participation in the workshops. For every card filled up with points, the girls get a medal at the end of the party and also, the card enters the big tombola-tub. Every year there are many great prices to win, ranging from sports-equipment, like diving goggles, over Pop-CD´s to shopping-vouchers. These gifts are gathered by the girls of the LEYLA IS RUNNING - TEAM from various sponsors several weeks before the party.

All participants, whether performers or trainers are women or girls! Whether DJane or Red-Cross-Helpers, Moderators, Entrance/Security- all positions and works connected to the LEYLA IS RUNNING- Sports-Party are filled by women or girls. This is to demonstrate, that sports is not a field “exclusively” dominated by men, as it is perceived frequently, but that girls and women can be active in all parts of the sports-organization, be it in one of the different sports or by taking part in the organizational structures of sports.
Persons who accompany girls, boys and men joining their families, sisters or daughters in visiting the Party are welcome, but can not participate in the workshops and the “GIRLS OLYMPICS”. We kindly ask the teachers and everybody else to not bring groups of boys with them to the party.

How can I participate?

*as participant:
You are invited to join us in the time between 14.00 and 19.00. Just drop by! We are looking forward to meet you and you can bring along all your girl-friends, parents and sisters!

*as sports-club:
We happily welcome all neighbourhood sports-clubs, who would like to demonstrate their program to the girls, organize workshops or just hand out leaf-lets to advertise their club at our information-desk.

*as active sports girl/women:
if you would like to organize a workshop, we are looking forward to met you! Please get in contact with Itong Ehrke at our office of the "Seitenwechsel"-sports-club.

*as a Youth Club:
If you would like to present dance- or sports-performances of your local girl’s groups, we are looking forward to get in touch with you! Please contact our office. You should remember to bring all the materials you need for the performances yourself.

*For everybody:
The general organization of the Party is done by us, the LEYLA IS RUNNING – Team. We are taking care of: the catering, music and PA, etc. If anyone likes to get involved in the organizational process, or help us with any tasks at the site of the party, they are very welcome to join us. Just get in contact with the "Seitenwechsel" office!

**Day / Time:
Saturday, 12th of September 2020, 14.00-18.00 o’clock.

Sports field Lohmühleninsel, when the weather is sunny. If it’s raining, we move to the “Flatow”-Sportshall, right next to the Sports field and have our party indoors. Here´s the address: Vor dem Schlesischen Tor 2, Kreuzberg/Friedrichshain/Treptow

Girls and young women, starting at the age of +/- 8 years.

Girls under 18 get a subsidized meal and drinks for a donation of one Euro. Grown-ups pay 3 Euros for a meal and drinks.

**and last but not least ...
for the “little ones”, that might come in company of their parents or older sisters, there is a playground with sandbox and an air-inflated “Jumping-Castle”. At our information-desk girls and grown-ups can find out about the huge variety of sports- and activity-offers, Youth Clubs and other social projects in our neighbourhood.

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